Jordbo, Bo Rune Madsen


When Bo Madsen left Mew in the summer of 2015 it marked the conclusion of a twenty-year run in Denmark’s arguably most prolific and far-reaching music phenom. As a founding member of a constellation that exceeded all expected conventions and became a successful and boundary-free art project, he spent his formative years and early adulthood, deeply embedded in an engrossing creative and emotional tribe.  

Following the break with Mew, musician and artist Bo Madsen found himself torn between a closed, but weighing, chapter, and new, uncharted territory. With Jordbo (Danish for Earthling) he has build an abstract narrative through words and images, about a defining moment and the time before that moment. About a life that has been instinctive and collective, driven by friendship, ambition and passion. About cutting ties and daring to question everything, uncensored living, focused love and being a father.

Jordbo is part diary journal and part sporadic notebook environment, but also a eulogy of a bygone time and a transitional document towards a new.

The book consists of drawings, paintings, photographs and a series of 

Personal texts ranging from poetry to immediate observations.

Jordbo can surely be read as an existential status report, but is basically a bare-boned stream-of-consciousness from a playful, non self-censoring, creative soul and self-declared freedom fighter in his own life.


Bo Rune Madsen: Jordbo

ISBN: 978-87-995838-4-3

Book design by Nicolai Bejder Studio

100 pages

130 x 190 mm


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